Moved and updated site

This site has not been update for a long time. And it was offline for longer period of time.

I restored few topics for which I think are relevant and helpful when it comes to Amlogic platform. I will continue to write some new informations, problems, complaints to development…

And yes, you can expect something new and little different on this site in very near future 🙂


9 thoughts on “Moved and updated site”

  1. Hi. I’m trying to build pmp5670c kernel from your sources, but have many questions. Can’t you help me? How can I find you?

    1. Hi,

      wow, that’s back to the past… 🙂 Mail me to stane at with your questions, I’ll try to answer them as soon as possible and either will make post here or reply back to you.

      It’s not that easy to make kernel work on that tablet. There are Prestigio uboot/kernel mismatches, panel drivers, touchscreen issues I think… Was some time ago when I did this.

  2. Hello, greetings from Chile, I was checking some old posts about the Zoomtak T8 (at and I was wondering if you still have a firmware for the T8, I think is the V1 cause I’ve tried openElec and t8 v2 but my wifi doesnt work.

    can you giveme a clue to where to find the firmware. Regards, Marcelo.

    1. Hi,

      sorry, I don’t have it. I will contact their engineer to send it to me and will upload it somewhere. Link I’ll post in mentioned thread on freakteb forum once I get it.

  3. Hi Stane,

    Do you happen to have a copy of your Android 4.4 rom for the Onda v975m ?

    Your old links are dead on many websites.

    I am looking for all the tools to do a fresh install on the tablet if possible as it is bricked 🙁


  4. Hi Stane,

    Going nuts trying to figure how to add usb tuner driver to S812 Android TV Box.
    Have directions for linux, but need to understand for android.
    Need linux kernel 3.16, have 3.10.33 (android).
    Thanks for any help..


    1. Hi,

      1. S812 works only on 3.10.y kernel
      2. You need device tree for your device and any custom changes made by manufacturer
      3. You have to backport Amlogic DVB changes back to stock kernel
      4. If your driver requires kernel 3.16 then you will have to backport your driver to kernel 3.10

      Sorry for late reply.

  5. Hi, Stane would you happen to have or can get a copy of a T8 Plus 5.1 firmware ? There are plenty of rebranded t8 plus 5.1 boxes out there but no one is releasing there firmware. I even went as far as buying another t8 plus box with 5.1, they renamed it T Plus said specs where the same, made a backup of it then did a restore on my T8 Plus . It loads to the Zoomtak logo then that’s as far as it will go ? They changed something. Any help would be great thanks.

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