How to download faster from Chinese Baidu cloud service (Linux)

I was struggling more than few times trying to download (especially big) files from Chinese BaiduYun cloud servers. Download is usually very slow, breaks alot of times and can’t be resumed.

While ago I figured how to download from Baidu without pain, praying and with excellent speed 🙂

I’m writing this tutorial as Linux user but download utility used (aria2) is available for other operating systems as well.

So, here’s what you need:

  • Google Chrome web browser
  • BaiduExporter extension for Chrome which you can get from Chrome Web Store
  • aria2 download utility (Debian based distros usually have it in official repositories as aria2 package)

Step 0: Install BaiduExporter in your Chrome

Step 1: Open shared link from which you want to download


Step 2: When page is fully loaded (this can take some time), select files you want to download and put your pointer over button which says 导出下载. Picture of button: panbaidu-button

When mouse is over that button, menu should pop up as shown on picture below:


Step 3: Click on middle item in menu that showed. After some time links to selected files will be shown in popup window as can be seen on picture below:


Step 4:

  • Copy and paste these links somewhere (you will need them if download gets interrupted to resume download)
  • Open terminal window and navigate to folder where you want to download selected files
  • Each line starts with aria2c and whole line is basically your download command. So, take one line, copy it and paste it in your terminal window, press enter and download should start.

Note: You are not limited by instances of aria2 clients running and number of files you are downloading at same time (as far as I tested). Your limitation is your Internet speed. I managed to successfully download 5x4Gb files with aprox. speed of 10MB/s for each file on high bandwidth Internet connection.

I hope this will be helpful to someone 🙂

13 thoughts on “How to download faster from Chinese Baidu cloud service (Linux)”

  1. Stane1983,

    I am attempting to update the FW on a T8 box (im sure its a v2)

    Cannot for the life of me find a zoomtak FW (the entertainmentbox site FW are crap) and loaded with bloat.

    and your /download area is removed. (cannot get any of your roms/fw’s)

    could you possible email or send me a link to a T8 FW ( ive even tried looking for a 5.x instead of 4.4) but doesnt look like anyone compiled the 5.0 for this box when it was released in 2015..

    1. Hi,

      you don’t have to request it on multiple posts. I managed to find files in archives and I uploaded them to Mega. 1st post on FreakTab forum is updated with new links.

  2. Hi, thanks for great tips! 🙂
    Is there any means to make it download with multi-tread? I found that my download speed is still at abysmal 4kbps. 🙁

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