Kernel for few Amlogic MX devices

Since I was asked multiple times about kernels for some devices I worked on I found some time and went trough archives.

Kernel (Android one) is located on my GitHub account – kernel-amlogic-mx.

Boards covered by this kernel:

  • Prestigio PMP5670C (meson6_pmp5670c_defconfig) with panel configuration and touchscreen driver
  • VissonTech ATV-102S/ATV-106/Tronsmart Prometheus (meson6_g18_atv102s_defconfig)
  • Zoomtak T6 (meson6_g18_dbxm6_defconfig) – does not include VFD driver
  • Shiningworth MX, Gbox Midnight MX2 and most of its clones (meson6_g18_dbxmx_defconfig)

As I said, this is Android kernel based on 2014-04-28 SDK. To compile it, you need rest of SDK (JellyBean 4.2.2) which can be found on Internet.

For kernel building only, you will need ARM Linaro toolchain from Amlogic download site and modules (Wifi, nand, Mali) which hopefully still can be found on another Amlogic download site. Keep in mind that Mali driver used in your kernel must match version of Mali binaries in userspace otherwise it won’t work.

4 thoughts on “Kernel for few Amlogic MX devices”

    1. I removed your comment. This is site written in English and I don’t speak Russian. If you have question at least use Google translator and don’t spam comment section with bunch of errors because you did not read post or did not understand it. I never mentioned to use meson6smp_defconfig or meson6smp_android_defconfig. If you investigate code and see where it fails, you will probably figure why it throws errors and what is missing in meson6smp_defconfig configuration.

      1. Welcome Stane1983

        I’m trying to compile buildroot-M3-MX (Branch 2014.02-Amlogic), revealed two errors:
        Ripozitory “” ( no longer exists, replaced the “ / toolchain / binaries / “and went on to compile.

        After some time, again a compilation stops with an error for nonexistent repository “http: // …”
        Is it possible to somehow fix it?

        Another question – I use to load u-boot and want to pass parameters bootargs through it, is it possible to change these settings in menuconfig buildroot-M3-MX, that would not be necessary to compile the kernel on its own?

        CONFIG_CMDLINE = “”

        Sorry fo my Englisch 🙂

        Thank you very much for your work and time.

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