Amlogic Oreo 8.1 on S905X

Amlogic ‘released’ Android Oreo 8.1. They did it for their next generation SoC-s but support for S905X also exists. Just to be noted I don’t expect any of manufacturers to release Oreo for their S905X devices. A lot of them are still on Marshmallow anyway.

My opinion on SDK and code is actually good. There are issues here and there but over next few releases of SDK it will be fixed.

Android is stable – only bug I noticed in short time of testing is rotating screen in apps such as Antutu Benchmark (see screenshots below).

Geekbench 4 scores are not too bad (check here).

Kodi 17.6 runs fine, all videos I’ve tested worked without issues but for some reason it doesn’t read CPU usage on any of 4 cores.

So, this is just small report (not review!) on Oreo from Amlogic and how they actually surprised me for once 🙂

Here are some screenshots:


12 thoughts on “Amlogic Oreo 8.1 on S905X”

  1. Hello, I have purchased and recommended the models Tanix TX3 Max and Mecool M8S Pro W with AMLogic S905W, believe that an update of the firmware Android 8.1 Oreo comes out?

  2. I recently bought a TX3 Mini in hopes of “hacking” it to run mainline linux.
    I have built u-boot v2018.09 with p212_defconfig (as there is none for p281 and they seem to be similar enough) and combined it with fips from p281_defconfig in your uboot-amlogic repository. Writing to an sd-card boots me into v2018.09 (after wiping emmc with your aml-linux-usb-burn). From there I can partition the SD card and bootstrap ArchLinuxARM into it and it boots fine (tx3-mini and p281 have dts upstream).
    What I am having trouble with is installing it onto eMMC as it’s write protected and I can’t figure out how to unlock it.
    Do you know how to unlock it?
    And do you have any information on different efuses and values?

    Sorry for commenting something mostly unrelated to the post.

    1. Olá Ivan.

      Eu tenho um TVBOX S905X 64Bit Quad Core A53

      Seu firmware Android 8.1 pode ser instalado com esse processador?

      Se a resposta for sim, vocĂŞ poderia informar o link para baixar?

  3. Hi I have an amlogic s905x cortex a53 64 bit quad core on a T95x. cqn i download this android 8.1 yes or no? how do i know i won t brik it and also where do i get the apk or download? im a newbe Thanks

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