Kodi 18 Features and Improvements?

Yesterday I saw article on CNXSoft titled Kodi 18 Features and Improvements (FOSDEM 2018 Video).

When I read article and watched video which you can watch on link above I wanted to share my opinion but at the moment I was speechless. Meanwhile I had short discussion with friend who also was confused with things Martijn Kaijser said during his speech.

I will write here about few things that are confusing to me.

  • XBOX One support with Microsoft’s help
  • Support for DRM
  • RetroPlayer retro-gaming emulator is now part of Kodi

So, Microsoft is providing help to open source project. In my opinion something is wrong here. First they (Microsoft) partnered with Canonical (Ubuntu’s parent company) and added Linux Bash Shell and Ubuntu binaries to Windows 10. Now they are partnering with Team Kodi (XBMC Foundation) and offering them support to bring Kodi to XBOX One and UWP (Universal Windows Platform). Maybe I’m being paranoid but this doesn’t sounds right to me…

Support for DRM – Again, maybe I’m paranoid but I think its double-edged sword

And I left best part for end of article 🙂


I believe it’s well known news in Europe and North America that XBMC Foundation is shutting down companies that are selling (or were selling) ‘Kodi boxes’. They said that they don’t want to be connected to piracy in any form (3rd party addons that are providing access to pirated content.

And now RetroPlayer emulator is part of Kodi? WTF? As friend said, that’s massive piracy flag – piracy is fine for games but not for media?


I don’t have one. I just wanted to share my point of view. With road map Kodi presented (Microsoft, NVidia, Google…) I can imagine for two, maybe three years from now people talking about once good media player.